Project Wire

Project Wire is an Autodesk design tool for creating 3D printable electronic devices. Using the unique Voxel8 3D electronics printer, the design and fabrication of truly freeform three-dimensional circuits is possible for the first time. Future electronic devices will be printed rather than assembled. Fabricated layer-by-layer as a single object, rather than assembled from separate parts. The starting point is enabling the design of 3D wires embedded in printed models.

Project Wire has the ability to place components, route 3D wires, output multi-material print data and much more. Unlike todays devices that house printed circuit boards within a separate shell, 3D printing enables electronics to be embedded entirely within the structure of the device. The fundamentals of how we fabricate electronic devices are changing. New software tools are needed to design for new hardware capabilities.

Created by: Karl D.D. Willis, Daniel Taub, Baoxuan Xu, Ryan Schmidt, Karel Bruneel at Autodesk.

Special Thanks: Tim Campbell, Eric Wilhelm, John Kelleher

Selected Press: VentureBeat, Fast Company, PC Mag, Mashable, Gizmodo

Project Wire Quadcopter Draw Mode

Quadcopter CT Scan

USB LED Illustration


Project Wire Quadcopter Place Mode

Project Wire Quadcopter